About MishyB

MishyB is Michele Bosack, one of the most provocative artists the world is experiencing. Her work is representational of bondage, emancipation, sex, intimacy and beauty, while simultaneously steel hard with a razor sharp edge. Heavily influenced by both alternative culture and spirituality, she has and continues to creates a body of work which punches you in the face while giving you a hug.

MishyB's work exhibits a lot of mind play with 2D and 3D conceptualism, meaning that which looks 3D is in fact 2D, and that which is 3D can appear to be 2D. For instance; she uses chain in much of her work. Upon first glance your mind will try and distinguish which chain is real which one is painted, what shadow is real what shadow is painted. Is that bullet hole real (probably), or is it painted? Her mediums and painting style are as unique as the painting itself. Materials and manipulations include acrylic hand painting, spray paint, bullet holes, wire stitching and various metal objects. Most works are on canvas, although sheet metal, slate, and wood (particularly doors) are used. Most of her work is large scale (ranging from 2'x3' to 4'x5'). Although some pieces run slightly smaller, everything she does she does it big--- across both the canvas and life itself. 

Many of MishyB's works are documented photographically while being made. She calls this body of photography work "the Process", and the photos are as engrossing and remarkable as the final painting itself. She often includes a "Process" photo with the sale of a painting or piece of art, thus allowing the viewer insight to the rawness and mental gymnastics of how it was created. She has little preconceived notion of what she is creating. She unleashes her internalization of external influences, filtering them through her manic depressive-addicted-recovering mind, thus expelling pure profound emotion and energy, letting the anarchy manifest itself into tangible work of art. She often wonders who made the work, and considers herself a conduit of an unexplained force coursing through her mind body and soul. The end results are highly charged thought provoking pieces, each as individual as the artist herself.

MishyB, although always an artistic minded person, officially began her career after graduating from New York University with a BFA degree, majoring in Film.